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Tonight on the walk back from the trai. In the dusk of evening, I saw two of the wild bunnies that live in the neighborhood. That and the cherry blossoms overhead (and dead magnolia petals underfoot) are proof that it is SPRING!

And in the spring, a middle-aged spinster's thoughts turn to travel and getting out of town and the winter rut I have been in. Next month I will be attending the BookCrossing International Anniversary Convention, which this year is being held in Athens Greece. So, along with my fantastic niece Cori, who attended 3 other conventions with me (Dublin 2012, Gothenburg Sweden 2013, and Oxford 2015) I am off to see old friends, friends I have never met, and strangers who will become friends. We will talk books and trade books and release books in the wild and hopefully even find some time to read. We will also be seeing the sites of Athens, of course, which will delight Cori, who is a big Greek mythology buff. And my best friend from law school, Sandra, is a huge fan of Greek and Roman history, and has always wanted to go to Greece, so she announced that she is coming along. Fine. Then she decided to bring her dad. 77 years old with limited English (he is Korean) and he will probably have the best time of all. He is definitely in better shape physically than we are, and he trained as an architect 50 years ago in Korea. Should be interesting.

When I return from that trip, I will have a day to recuperate. Then it is off to Cincinnati for a baby shower. I plan to leave Saturday and return Sunday, but haven't decided yet whether to fly or drive.

The 3rd week of May my (step)niece graduates from high school in Tennessee. My brother and his wife (mother of Tayea) and the kids are driving out from New Jersey and plan to spend a few days in Nashville. My house is kind of on the way, and I have never been to Tennessee or to Nashville and I love country music. I'm going along.

Hopefully this will be a nice shift from claims files and office politics and high-strung cats and sinus infections. If not, it won't be for lack of trying.

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