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Ack! End of November!

So the goal was to make an entry every month -- but somehow today is the last day of November already.  Not sure how that happened.  I seem to have misplaced a few days here or there.  When I have a minute, I will commence a search.

In the meantime, since we have all (hopefully) just survived Thanksgiving, I will include a brief list of things I am thankful for in light of recent events:

1. Minerva -- she was the best kitty ever and I miss her so much.  Soon I will get a new friend or two to live with me, but no one could ever take her place.  She was my snuggle-bunny.
2. Family -- even dreaded little brothers have their uses -- some day they grow up to have familiies of their own and wives you like and will put their shoulder out carrying your new dining room table and never say a word.
3. Friends -- I have been in a real funk since Minerva was diagnosed in July and the only thing getting me through it all has been my friends who are constantly trying to patch up the cracks in my psyche as they form.
4. Eyesight -- I have been having severe problems with my eyes recently, but the latest eye specialist thinks it will be fixable with a trial of a special film and then some new glasses.  Since I read for work and for pleasure, and my other big hobby is photography, my eyes are pretty important.  I like them and want them to keep working.
5. My home -- I was able to host family for Thanksgiving and it gives me a warm and comfy place to come home to.  Plus, it has teal walls.

Those are currently my top 5.  Other things like books and chocolate are coming in close to the top, but I have just enough things I need to accomplish in the next hour that I cannot take the time to discuss them.

Happy end of November and beginning of December!
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