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Turning Over a New Leaf

Let's hope there's nothing creepy or crawly underneath it!

My new 101 things in 1001 days list includes "make an LJ entry at least once a month."  This is going to be my first attempt. I figure the best way to get started is to post a copy of my new list, to help keep me honest.  (No comments, please, on the fact that the list did not accomplish that last time.  This is a NEW leaf.  Also, no comments about "honest" lawyers.)

1. Read 5 "classics" I never got around to
2. Institute and follow a 1-1-1 Mt. TBR reading policy (found/TBR/unregistered)
3. Finish 2 series that I have been reading (only books already in my possession)
4. Read all FOUND books received prior to 04/01/2015
5. Complete a 6-6-6 reading project for duration of list period (6 books from 6 different countries in each of the 6 inhabitated continents)
6. Read my height in books
7. Ear-read at least 6 audiobooks
8. Read 5 books from Mt. TBR selected by friends
9. Read 26 new-to-me books, 1 for each letter of the alphabet
10. Read 6 biographies

11. Swim at least twice a month when complex pool is open
12. Climb an indoor rock wall
13. Engage in at least 1 physcial activity per month
14. Reorganize/rearrange guest bedroom to be more inviting
15. Sort at least 3 boxes per year of list period
16. Do additional snarfing and exploration in as-yet-unknown parts of Baltimore
17. Create a functional outdoor space on the balcony

18. Take a photo of the same place every month for 1 year and make a calendar
19. Take 3 concrete steps to learning more about using my DSLR camera
20. Do a photo shoot with the DSLR and a tripod, working with technical stuff
21. Photograph a tide pool
22. Tie that darn quilt
23. Finish the seaside quilt -- display or donate
24. Refinish the Bear Lake Medicine Chest
25. Do a 4 seasons photo project

26. Visit Appomattox Courthouse
27. Visit Chincoteague/Assateague
28. Visit Greece
29. Visit Nashville TN
30. Visit a state I've never been to
31. Visit Eastern Canada
32. Visit Longwood Gardens in PA
33. Travel somewhere different (Caribbean, South America, Africa, Asia)

34. List 25 things I actually like about myself
35. Visit the gynecologist and get a mammogram at least once in the list period
36. Attend church at least twice a month for 6 consecutive months
37. Visit the dentist once a year
38. Reduce Diet Dr. Pepper intake to 2 cans max/day for at least 2 months
39. Increase H2) intake to at least 1 bottle/day for at least 3 months
40. Make a conscious effort to consume vegetables at least twice a week
41. Visit a museum at least 6 times each year
42. List the top 50 moments/experiences of my life
43. Go a full month without buying anything but necessities
44. Keep a "My Day in 6 Words" journal (5 out of 7 days/week) for 1 month
45. Have the car washed and vacuumed once a year
46. Learn 100 new words and add them to my active vocabulary
47. Attend at least 1 live play or concert each year
48. Do at least one all day CLE each year

49. Log all the snarfs from 2015
50. Establish an Ancestry.com account and start work on the Jordan/Thompson side
51. Write at least one LiveJournal entry every month
52. Get a functional printer/scanner for the computer (repair or replace current model)
53. Create and maintain a Kalahari List for work and home
54. Create a digital compilation of personal "Instant Replay" songs
55.Post 5 online reviews of good service received
56. Finish Minerva's book
57. Learn 25 new things using Wikipedia random articles
58. Join Linked In pro for job search purposes
59. Try to read and understand the HTML for Dummies book
60. Find 5 ideas from Instructables (or similar site) that I want to try

61. Pay off the car
62. Make a sound decision about whether to merge the retirement and/or DCP/TSP accounts
63. Do a $50 pay-it-forward
64. Leave a 100% tip (on meal costing more than $10)
65. Save $1/day for travel account
66. Buy a curio cabinet or other kitsch display furniture
67. Invest in improved window treatments for at least 2 rooms in the condo
68. Replace the dining room table and chair set

69. Send a message in a bottle
70. Get a henna tattoo on hands or feet
71. Watch a meteor shower
72. Do a reverse scavenger hunt for a special occasion
73. Release a copy of The Heart of Midlothian in the heart of Midlothian VA
74. Take a fall foliage trip every year
75. Take a spring flower excursion every year
76. See Frank Lloyd Wright's Pope-Leighey House
77. See the Northern Lights

78. Host or attend a project day at least 4 times/year
79. Go on an outing with KateKintail (her choice)
80. Go on an outing with Ixion (her choice)
81. Go on an outing with Melydia (her choice)
82. Go on an outing with Sandra (her choice)
83. Visit Jon and Suzette in Austin TX
84. Send post cards to 10 people with 10 things I like about them
85. Send 2 spontaneous care packages each year
86. On my birthday every year, send flowers to someone who needs them
87. Visit James and Anni and kids at least twice a year

88. Create a list for tracking my goals (esp. multiple time/multiple year goals)
89. Create a new 101/1001 list for Round 3
90. Learn the ranks for Army and Navy (with insignia)
91. Identify 100 things that makek me happy -- with no more than 50 of those being food
92. Donate $2 for every unfinished project and $1 for every one started but not completed
93. Frame and display 5 more pieces of artwork
94. Choose and create one more photo canvas for display
95. Watch all of Star Trek Voyager, in order
96. Make 15 location-themed releases
97. Participate in 2 Release Challenges (other than Becky's Hugs Challenge)
98. Try 5 new-to-me (non-chain) restaurants in the area
99. Visit 5 sites in DC that I haven't been to yet
100. Snarf Manassas Battlefield with the girls
101. Visit 5 new-to-me DMV book stores (new or used)
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