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Slowly Headed for 101

Well, KateKintail reminded us this weekend that we are soon coming up on 1/3 of the way through our 1001 days, and it is time to take stock of where I am on accomplishing those 101 things.

Most recently I have crossed off a few goals, like

#61. Get a mammogram -- did that on 10/15 and results were normal.  Phew!
#36. Take lunch to work at least once a week for 6 weeks -- It has now been 13 weeks and still going strong on that one.
#82. Photo/snarf 16th Street buildings and churches -- accomplished that earlier this month and photos from the event can be seen on my Flickr page.
#89. Take a yoga class (at least 6 weeks worth) -- completed tonight.  I took a lovely 6 week course on Yoga for Mood Management.  Had so much fun I have signed up for 6 weeks of Yoga for Round Bodies.
#99. Help Melydia with one of her goals -- completed this month.  She says I can count driving her to the Stuart-Mosby Civil War Museum in Centreville and visiting it with her, and since this goal is all about her (and counting the excursion was her idea), I will let her be the expert.  Had a lot of fun and will post some photos to Flickr shortly.
#8. Read a poem a day for a month -- September 2013.  That was nice.  I actually read several poems every day and quite enjoyed it -- some of the poems were ones I loved, some were new to me, and I read a whole book of Elizabeth Bishop's poetry.

I also made some progress on a few new goals, such as

#37. Take a hot air balloon ride.  I bought a gift certificate for one through Living Social which will save me $100.  I need to use it before November of 2014, which will give me a little time.  Currently I am in the "premium" or "extra charge" weight class, but I have been working on slimming down.  If I can lose another 20 pounds (or more) by spring I will be just fine.
#43. Read 5 Shakespeare plays I have never read.  I read Antony and Cleopatra last month, so 1/5 completed.
#49. Take sunrise photos at World War II and Lincoln Memorials.  I went in early one Saturday and got some great sunrise shots at the Lincoln Memorial, which can be seen on my Flickr page.  Have been meaning to go back and shoot some at World War II, but the whole Government Shutdown Showdown kind of put a damper on that one.
#57. Match favorite poems and photos.  During my reading of a poem a day, I selected my favorite poems and made notes of what photos to pair them with.  I want to make a scrapbook of sorts with the finished results.
#81. Host an event at my apartment.  Have invited the Fearsome Threesome (Ixion, Melydia, and KateKintail) to my place on 11/16 for a Project Palooza which will likely also include #75 Make a Good Faith Attempt at NaNoWriMo.

Can't say I am one third of the way there, but feeling a little better as I am gradually getting some more crossed off the list.

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